Where to Drink and Dine in Cleveland, USA

Cleveland is a busy city. There is a lot to see and do. While in town a person can enjoy some great food and drinks. When wondering where to drink and dine in Cleveland, USA the following establishments are some of the best in town.

Thirsty Brewing Company

This establishment has some really interesting and unique flavors of beer. These beers have hints of caramel, cinnamon, ginger, and there are a number of fruity lines as well. This pub overlooks the Cuyahoga River so the view is nice as well. This is a place that beer lovers must see.

Great Lakes Brewing Company

A person can get some good food and some good drinks here. There are some home-brewed beers on tap here. Peach mules are said to be one of the best beers available here. There is a long menu that includes foods for everyone including the vegan burger. There are a number of specialty burgers as well for those that like their meat. There is a lot of energy and an upbeat feel here.

Slyman’s Deli

There is a great place to get a sandwich and some good snack foods. The corned beef here is one of the best in town. There is a great atmosphere and the sandwiches are thick and filling. The meat comes piled high on the sandwiches and there are many different choices. A person can even build their own custom sandwich.

Lola Bistro and Wine Bar

There is a long list of wine here and many are brewed right in the area. There are a number of specialty drinks that are made here as well. The food is home cooked there is a menu for every taste. This is also a great place to stop in a get some appetizers and drinks. There are some dishes that were just designed for this menu as well. The homemade beef cheek pierogies are very tasty. The food here is made from scratch.

Hoppin Frog Brewery

This brewery has some great beers and they are known for their line of dessert beers. Their beers are sweeter than what people are used to and they have a higher alcohol content than the average peers. There are a number of ales that are made with spices as well for those that want something not as sweet.

West Side Market Café

This café has good food in a casual atmosphere. All of the breakfast foods are made to order. People that have eaten here recommend the hot mess and also the Bloody Mary to go along with it. The wait staff is very friendly and they are looking to serve their customers. Everything here is homemade and there is a long menu of diverse food items.

These are just some of the best places to eat and to grab a drink in the city of Cleveland. These establishments make their food from scratch and home brew their beer. These are some places to stop by when visiting the city. Remember to stay safe and be aware of negative short term effects of alcohol just in case you want to get so drunk.